Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing is not just for olympic athletes!  Olympians and other top-level athletes have access to human performance labs where cutting-edge science, top trainers and coaches work to help them wring every bit of excellence from their bodies and minds. You should too!  Let the Breakthrough Performance Coaching Staff perform metabolic your metabolic testing in their performance lab. This will allow us to get the inside info on your metabolism – the intensity at which you burn calories most efficiently, how efficiently your body uses oxygen – and help determine what kind of gains are possible with the right training.

We have partnered with INSCYD to bring you the latest in data analysis.  With INSCYD you’ll get full picture of your physical capacities and also a prediction of your training and racing outcomes.

The tests are performed on field or in lab and they are scientifically proven to be more precise then any conventional lab or field test.

Your coach will provide you with a complete metabolic performance report, which will include all the metrics mentioned above (see the section metrics for further details). You will learn what exactly you need to do in training to reach your personal goals.

There are number of tests we can run to give you the inside track on achieving your full athletic potential: Resting Metabolic Rate, Race Fueling/Performance, Lactate Testing and VO2max. Based on the specific test, the most sophisticated physiologic scientific equipment will be used to collect and analyze your data.

The performance you are looking for is composed of a variety of components and metrics, but if you only focus on FTP, heart rate zones, or keep training only according to your Rate of Perceived Exertion, you’ll miss accuracy and efficiency.

For example, with INSCYD you can finally understand the interactions between your aerobic system and your fuelling needs. Do you wonder, “How much should I consume per hour in order to maintain my performance?” With INSCYD, you’ll know.

INSCYD takes into account, and connect to one another, the most important metrics for training purposes:

  • VO2max
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Lactate accumulation and recovery
  • Fat and carbohydrates combustion
  • Recovery
  • VLamax (or glycolytic capacity)

Each of the above metrics measured by INSCYD is critical to performance and remember, each sport performance is predictable and can be broken down to these fundamental elements. r

Take VLamax, for example. Although you might have never heard of it, VLamax. It is the single most important measurement to enhance your performance. VLamax is the maximum production of lactic acid in your blood and gives you a complete understanding of your anaerobic metabolism (which yes, is crucial in endurance events, too!). VO2max is aerobic, now we know the anaerobic piece, which turns out to be at least as important.

BPC athletes receive 15% off all advertised prices

1. INSCYD Metabolic Test

We have the capacity to design and perform virtually and metabolic testing with our Moxus II Metabolic Cart.  Tell us your goals and we’ll create the test to get you actionable data.

Cycling Critical Power Test without lactate values – $150*
Lactate Testing Cycling – 4 phase intermittent protocol – $250*
Lactate Testing Running – 4 phase intermittent protocol – $250*
Lactate Testing Cycling with VO2 gas analysis – 4 phase intermittent protocol – $350*
Lactate Testing Runnig with VO2 gas analysis and economy measurements – 4 phase intermittent protocol – $350*

3. Sweat Sodium Composition Test

Let BPC take the guesswork out of your fueling strategy by using our sweat conductivity analyzer to precisely measure how much sodium you are losing through your sweat.  This is often the missing puzzle piece from an athletes race nutrition plan.  You can easily calculate your sweat rate, but without our scientific testing equipment, knowing how much sodium your sweat contains is just a guessing game.
Cost: $50*

4. Resting Metabolic Rate Test

The resting metabolic rate test is designed to determine your baseline utilization of carbohydrates and fat. From these results we can precisely determine your daily calorie needs and metabolic efficiency. Using these data, a training program can be developed and adjustments made to your diet in consultation with a nutritionist in order to maximize fat burning.
Typical duration: Approximately 1 hour including setup
Cost: $175*

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