Chicago Triathlon / Cory Albertson – First Sprint!

I recently participated in my first race, the sprint distance at the Chicago Triathlon. Just a few months ago the notion of completing a triathlon seemed unthinkable. I have my girlfriend Kimberly to thank for getting me into multi-sport. We are both graduate students with a lot on our plates so joining her to train for a triathlon seemed like a good way to spend time together. I hadn’t expected that I would enjoy the experience so much that I’d be the one rallying her to do the next one!

Ironman Lake Placid 2014 / Kevin Barton 3

Race day, I was excited and nervous. A bit surreal that the day was finally here. Doug and I met up with Jeff and Marc to head down to transition at 5:00, did a final check on the bike, pumped up the tires then drop off the special needs bike and run bags. After waiting at the condo with our teammates, we headed down to the water around 6:15 to begin a long day.


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Announcing our “Racing for a Cause” pages

Throughout the year, many of our athletes race for charities near and dear to their hearts. We recognize the blood, sweat and tears you not only put into your training, but into fundraising for the causes you care about, which is why we wanted to create a special page to showcase your efforts. Therefore, BPC is introducing […]

Dave Sek, Dana-Farber Cancer Research, Ironman WC 2014

In March I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Based on the recommendations from the doctors at Dana-Farber, I was able to return to training in time to qualify for my third Ironman World Championships at Lake Placid in July. My goal is to raise $1 in support of cancer research for each mile I have trained before I reach the start line at the Kailua Pier.


Race Results: 7/20/14 – 8/24/14

Although we have disappointed in not getting results posted for a while. Team BPC athletes did not disappoint with their performances!

Ironman Canada 2014 / Enda Moran 1

The announcer boomed out “Enda Moran, you are an Ironman!” as I bounced down the finishing straight on my own. Boy, that felt good! After 12 h 22 min of scooting around this beautiful Whistler course in brilliant weather competing in my first Ironman,


Navigating the Ironman Bike Aid Stations

Aid stations in Ironman races can be very dangerous places. The majority of crashes on the bike occur at or right around the aid stations. If you plan to take a feed, here are some simple tips to help you.

Ironman bags

Ironman Race Bags

You just checked in at your Ironman race as are headed back to your hotel/condo wondering why did they give me all of these bags – Do I need them? What goes in them? Where do I need to bring them and when? This can seem a bit overwhelming at first thought, so let’s demystify the process.