Race Fueling

Race Fueling

Let us take the guesswork out of your race fueling needs!  We use your metabolic data to build a fueling plan that is specific to you.  We will cover your hydration, caloric, and electrolyte needs.  This is NOT a “best guess” based on statistical norms.

1. Race Fueling Test with comprehensive fueling plans for various race distances

A Race Fueling test involves collecting metabolic data on a treadmill or bicycle at your target race pace to determine your caloric expenditure and the make-up of those calories (ie, the proportions that the athlete derives from free fatty acids and from carbohydrate/glycogen stores). The test will be repeated slightly above and below your target pace/power. By assessing the ratio of carbohydrate and fat utilization as a function of intensity, BPC Coaches will take the guesswork out of race fueling. We will prepare a complete race-day nutrition strategy that will address all of your fueling demands – hydration, calories, and electrolytes. Addressing these needs will enable you eliminate cramping, bonking, and GI distress, to race to your potential!

Typical duration: Approximately 2 hours including setup
Cost: $325*

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